/1.Beyond the Wild: A Woman and Her Rescued Brown Bear Forge an Unlikely Bond Through Shared Fishing Adventures.

/1.Beyond the Wild: A Woman and Her Rescued Brown Bear Forge an Unlikely Bond Through Shared Fishing Adventures.

Meet Archie the brown bear and his human/fishing partner Veronika Dichka, they enjoy spending their time fishing in a forest lake together.

A brown bear loves to go fishing with his human companion. Veronika Dichka rescued the brown bear, named Archie. Normally, bears are dangerous creatures. However, Archie is nothing of that sort. The possible reason behind this can be that Archie is a safari park bear. Thus, he is rather welcoming to his rescuer. The two have been found fishing together on a lake. This occurred in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Archie has always been a safari park bear. Unfortunately, he was not fit to be released back into the wild after being saved. This usually happens to wild animals which are kept in captivity for too long. Therefore, they lose touch with their wild roots. Luckily, the bear was saved by Veronika Dichka. She rescued him two years later. Majestic Animals confirms these facts.

The two now share a very unusual bond. They have now become best friends. The two look so adorable fishing together! Veronika says Archie is in love with the water. He loves to fish as much as she does. The bear also loves to explore new places. She says they are like family. They even cuddle with each other. Thus, making Archie a real life teddy bear! Kingdoms TV reports this.

Bears love to eat fish. Archie sure loves to eat his fresh catch of the day. Brown bears are omnivores. Therefore, they consume both meat as well as plants. They are at the top of the food chain in their environments. Moreover, they will eat a wide selection of food. Reptiles, fish and small mammals are just a few examples of their food.

Their teeth will allow them to consume many things. Their sharp teeth allow them to break down food easily. This is especially important in eating meat. The bear’s set of teeth also have molars. These allow them to consume plants.

Brown bears need a lot of energy. Thus, they require a massive amount of food to get through the day. They can eat as much as 90 pounds of food per day. Yes, this is a regular day for the brown bear!

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