/1.The "broken" man weeps, his heart aching, as he says goodbye to his beloved dog of 14 years, leaving witnesses in tears.

/1.The “broken” man weeps, his heart aching, as he says goodbye to his beloved dog of 14 years, leaving witnesses in tears.

An apparently strong and tough man is moving the world because of the hard pain he has had to go through saying goodbye to his lifelong dog . It’s really impossible not to get excited next to him!

Not everyone understands the place that a pet can occupy in the heart and in the entire life. They become part of our family and of course, just like with our loved ones , when something bad happens to them, we find no comfort.

When they get sick we go out of our way so that they heal quickly and we can see their wagging tail or their melancholy face when we have to leave home.

Sadly, our loved ones are not eternal and that day comes when they complete their cycle and must cross the rainbow. There are countless videos on the Internet that capture that heartbreaking moment, many feel identified since saying goodbye to their pets “is something that they do not wish on their worst enemy.”

The “tough” man had to face the worst pain he could ever imagine


But recently, some scenes have greatly moved us at Zoorprendente and Internet users around the world. Perhaps because there is background music that encourages it, or perhaps because it is an apparently rude owner, who, faced with the imminent departure of his lifelong dog, has completely broken down.

He is not able to conceive a life without his dog

They are images that show the most sensitive side of a man. It has touched the deepest fiber of the soul of many, since it is a little dog that accompanied him for 14 long years of his life, becoming another son.

The scene takes place on the vet’s table, where it is presumed that he will receive the medicine that will put him to sleep forever.

I would like to be able to lengthen your days and for your presence at your side to be eternal.

The dog already has a syringe, so in a few minutes he will be on the other side, but he still has his eyes open. His owner finds no consolation and he leans his head to join it with his furry friend and melt into a deep hug that he would like to never end.

The man breaks down and cries uncontrollably.

At one point she tries to caress him, looks him in the eyes, kisses him, as if she wanted to hold him, but she knows that time is running out.

Thank you for every second of loyalty, thank you for every second of love!

«The strong man will have to leave the dog he has lived with for 14 years. I hope there is no more pain in heaven,” reads along with the description of the video that has currently accumulated more than 17 million views.

The scenes bring tears to anyone’s eyes:

The networks have not been slow to respond with emotional comments of empathy for the man’s pain, which they feel as their own.

“OMG, I had to do this a couple of months ago. You can be the strongest person, but when it comes to your babies, you really break down quickly. “I will never forget our last look at each other ,” one person wrote.

“This made me cry, it brought back memories of one of the most difficult days of my life,” said another.

And only those who have experienced that deep and indescribable pain of seeing a four-legged child leave can understand what that man felt. At that moment, there are no tattoos, no physical strength, no rudeness… It is when feelings are on the surface, and this heartbroken man has managed to touch millions of hearts that empathize with his drama.

Although it is painful, we take comfort in knowing that this beautiful furry received all the love in the world until his last breath.

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