A man visited a shelter to adopt a Siamese cat but ended up being adopted by a beautiful blind cat.

A man visited a shelter to adopt a Siamese cat but ended up being adopted by a beautiful blind cat.

So happy for Merlin and his parents. Glad they found each other. So cute…!

That is a beautiful cat and will probably be your best friend with unconditional love for you.
So glad you guys adopted this sweet cat!


Elliot and Nathanial met Merlin in 2017 when they visited the Lynchburg Humane Society, in Virginia on [Free Cat Friday] event. They had always wanted to adopt a Siamese kitten and were hoping to find one that day. Unluckily, all of Siamese were all either on ho.ld or already adopted.

The couple continued their search and they couldn’t be happier that they found Merlin. The little boy was brought to the shelter when he was a little kitten. Sa.dly, he was born mostly bl.ind and very small.

He needs me.dical attention and a loving home!

Elliot share: He’s an affectionate cat that loves being acknowledged and held. He’s never destructive or petty, either. Because he was born bl.ind, he really has no concept of fe.ar. He doesn’t hi.de or avoid people–he’ll run up to the door to meet us and climb all over guests sitting on the couch. And His preferred place is on someone’s lap.

Merlin met his parents at the shelter and knew he had found his forever home. The family is so happy for finding Merlin…! His lack of vision does not make him a lack of trouble. Bl.ind cats are definitely still capable of being wild heathens.

Cats choose you and you end up as one of the happiest humans in the world, because no matter what you intended, the ma.tch is perfect. You could not ask for a better cat.

He only got quite a deal because he went in for a basic Siamese and ended up taking home a “bl.ind” cat that is actually a thousand-year being who can see the stars and all galaxies within those eyes. An all seeing and all knowing kitty. But little does he know the kitty already knows this, this cat has forseen it.

This cat is a seer, it can, and will walk with you in your dreams and in the afterlife.

So happy for this kitty…! You are just the gorgeous little fur baby! So glad they found you now your in a good home.

A beautiful cat with a good spirit towards life. Thank to the family who adopted him, his eyes may not see but his disposition is clear…!

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