Introducing Koyuki: The Queen of Disappointed Looks q.

Introducing Koyuki: The Queen of Disappointed Looks q.

Meet Koyuki Who Always Look Like She’s Absolutely Disappointed With You

Koyuki the cat 1

Cats are undoubtedly charming creatures, but their manipulative behavior towards people who take care of them is not intentional. One such adorable cat is Koyuki, a 9-year-old feline from Yokohama, Japan, who has a naturally strong and disapproving facial expression. Contrary to popular belief, Koyuki is not angry or furious – that’s just her usual look! Her unique countenance of dislike and irritation has earned her the nickname “Japanese grumpy cat,” and she has become an internet sensation due to her viral pictures. So, if Koyuki looks at you, do not be offended, because her grumpy face is just a facade!

Koyuki the cat 2

Koyuki the cat 3

Koyuki the cat 5

Koyuki the cat 6

Koyuki cat 7

Koyuki cat 8

Koyuki cat 9

Koyuki cat 10

Koyuki the cat 11

Koyuki the cat 12

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