kan.Earthly Angel: Woman's Dedication Transforms Her into a Guardian Angel for Abandoned Puppies, a Heartwarming Journey.

kan.Earthly Angel: Woman’s Dedication Transforms Her into a Guardian Angel for Abandoned Puppies, a Heartwarming Journey.

In Kastamonu, Turkey, a distressing trend sees many so-called “dog owners” abandoning their puppies in desolate locations like dumps and remote mountain areas. Remarkably, as word of Sebahat’s compassionate efforts spread, some individuals began deliberately leaving puppies in these places, knowing she would come to their rescue.

For Sebahat, it was clear that she couldn’t turn her back on these vulnerable pups. However, she also recognized the enormity of the task at hand and knew she couldn’t save all the homeless puppies all at once. Instead of succumbing to panic, Sebahat strategically set her priorities.

She initiated her mission by venturing into areas where abandoned puppies were barely surviving. Every morning, she would rise at the crack of dawn, gathering blankets, water, and food before embarking on her daily trek into the mountains in search of new puppies.

The rescued pups adored their savior, not merely for the sustenance and shelter she provided but for the genuine care and companionship she offered. Having been callously abandoned by previous owners, these puppies finally found solace in the form of a loving human.

But Sebahat’s journey didn’t end there. Even today, she continues to visit five different areas daily, dedicating herself to providing everything she can to these abandoned puppies. Despite her unwavering commitment, she couldn’t bear to see these defenseless animals exposed to the elements without any protection.

Fortunately, this concern sparked an idea that would slowly but surely bring about change. Sebahat, with the assistance of a few volunteers, began constructing shelters to provide the puppies with a safe haven.

Sebahat and the rescued pups have become an unyielding force in the face of cruelty. “I’m just doing what we should all be doing,” Sebahat declared. “And I’ll never give up.” Her unwavering determination serves as an inspiring testament to the difference one person can make in the lives of those who need it most.

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