khiem.Experience the happiness of a charming kitten with an almost ideal face as it is welcomed into a loving home, filling its newfound family with joy.

khiem.Experience the happiness of a charming kitten with an almost ideal face as it is welcomed into a loving home, filling its newfound family with joy.

A little cat with an extraordinarily exquisite face is overjoyed to have found a loving and permanent home. Maverick, the kitten, was surrendered to a New York shelter at the age of six months after his former owners were unable to care for him.

His future was unknown, so shelter officials began looking for a rescue organization that might assist the little kid and secure his well-being.

The kitten was born with a rare genetic abnormality that results in the feline’s distinct traits on its little face, making it a one-of-a-kind creature.



Despite his flat nose, protruding eyes, and moderate hydrocephalus, Maverick is the happiest youngster in the neighborhood.

When Tara Kay, the founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Massachusetts, learned about Maverick’s situation, she knew she and her team could assist him. This sanctuary is committed to rescuing “unacceptable” felines with special needs and providing them with the lifelong care they require.


Maverick was immediately at ease when he came at the sanctuary; he was quickly playing, content to have a place to sleep in, food, and toys. But, in actuality, what made Maverick the happy was being able to share his joy with the locals and having them near by to shower him with affection.“It may appear unusual on the outside, but it’s just like any other cat on the inside.”

Maverick is an outgoing cat that enjoys squeaking and meowing for attention and like to be cuddled when napping.

Tara stated,


“He doesn’t have the finest eyesight, yet he sees more clearly than he appears. Because of his smashed face, he’s breathing a little harder, but he’s happy and healthy.”

When the little kid was ready, the caregivers introduced him to his sanctuary companions so they could spend some time together. Maverick approached them right away and the two began hanging around, playing games, watching TV, and even napping together.

Tara stated,


“He becomes everyone’s friend right away.” He enjoys playing with them, wrestling with them, and adoring every other cat he encounters.”

The feline is highly expressive and does not hold back when it comes to expressing his ideas; if he wants something, he will not accept no for an answer. Not to mention when he desires additional goodies; he makes himself known in whatever manner possible in order for his caretakers to notice him and award him his prize.

Fortunately, the beautiful feline is prospering in his new permanent home, where he is surrounded by a huge family that adores him.

Even though he doesn’t have the finest eyesight, the adorable feline compensates with his exceptional hearing and sense of smell.


When the sanctuary staff conceals a present in the room, the kitten is always the first to discover it, and nothing that smells wonderful can get past it. Maverick also likes to show off his lovely fangs a lot because he is often smiling at people and colleagues. Maverick spends his time with his comrades or keeping an eye on his surroundings. He’s most likely curled up with his carer when he’s not doing this.

Maverick never has a dull moment, and despite his differences, he continues to live his life to the fullest.

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