lich.Today is my birthday and people say I don't have a birthday and don't get likes online because I don't see anything.

lich.Today is my birthday and people say I don’t have a birthday and don’t get likes online because I don’t see anything.

Today is a special day for me – it’s my birthday. However, in a world that often revolves around online interactions and social media, I find myself in a peculiar situation where some argue that I don’t really celebrate my birthday because I don’t broadcast it online and receive likes. It raises the question: Does a birthday still count if it doesn’t get recognition in the digital realm?

In the age of social media, birthdays have taken on a new dimension. People share their joyous moments, receive virtual wishes, and eagerly await the flood of likes and comments on their posts. It has become a measure of one’s popularity and social standing. But what about those who choose not to partake in this digital celebration?

For me, the absence of online birthday wishes doesn’t diminish the significance of the day. I prefer a more intimate and personal celebration, surrounded by close friends and family. It’s about genuine connections, shared laughter, and the warmth of human interaction. In a world that often values virtual validation, I find solace in the authenticity of real relationships.

The pressure to curate a perfect online presence has become a norm, and birthdays are no exception. Some might argue that if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen. But is the essence of a birthday really captured by the number of likes on a post? I believe there’s a deeper meaning to celebrating life than the superficial metrics of online engagement.

Choosing not to broadcast my birthday online doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate well-wishes and greetings. In fact, the absence of a digital spotlight allows for more genuine and heartfelt connections. Friends and family who remember my birthday without a prompt from a social media notification demonstrate a deeper level of connection and thoughtfulness.

While social media serves as a platform for sharing joy, it also comes with the downside of comparison and judgment. The pressure to outdo previous celebrations or meet societal expectations can overshadow the true purpose of celebrating a birthday – reflecting on the past year, expressing gratitude, and looking forward to the future.

In the end, the value of a birthday lies in the joy it brings to the individual, regardless of the online applause. It’s about cherishing the relationships that have enriched our lives and the experiences that have shaped us. So, as I celebrate another year of existence, I choose to focus on the meaningful connections and the real-world moments that make my birthday truly special, even if they don’t generate a digital spectacle.

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