Lionel Messi joins forces as co-owner of KRÜ Esports, expanding his sports empire.d

Lionel Messi joins forces as co-owner of KRÜ Esports, expanding his sports empire.d

KRÜ Esports has introduced a new co-owner in the form of football legend Lionel Messi in a huge announcement.

Leo Messi joins Kun Agüero as owner of KRÜ Esports - Últimas Noticias

Sergio Agüero, the founder and CEO of KRÜ Esports, was said to be stepping down. The football great founded the Pink brand in 2020 and has since grown it into a renowned LATAM esports organization. Rather than leaving the organization, he has found a partner in the form of another football superstar. Lionel Messi has joined KRÜ Esports as a co-owner.



KRÜ Esports is co-owned by Leo Messi and Sergio Agüero.

Sergio Agüero is not your average esports owner. During the 2023 VCT Americas, he showed up for his team in VALORANT and actively supported their efforts. The football player has done an outstanding job with the charity he founded.


Leo Messi, a good friend, and another football icon, joins him now. Given that KRÜ is based in Argentina, it seems reasonable that Messi is on board. Agüero unveiled the new co-owner in a post on X with the caption “Ahora somos 2,” which translates to “Now we are 2.”

The organization’s founder began the video by stating that he had some matters to settle. KRÜ Esports is in its third year as a functioning organization, and Agüero appeared to choke up a little when he stated that he was no longer the owner.

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This is due to the fact that he is now considered a co-owner. Leo Messi is shown watching the KRÜ Esports announcement. It then reveals that Leo Messi is now a co-owner of KRÜ Esports, and the video concludes with Agüero smiling broadly.

Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of all time, joins a slew of traditional sports athletes with an interest in esports. It will be intriguing to see how KRÜ progresses with Leo Messi and Sergio Agüero at the helm.

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