Our Incredible Boy With No Arms Lives Life Without Limits (Videos).sm

Our Incredible Boy With No Arms Lives Life Without Limits (Videos).sm

We have seen disabled people who divide All Odds and did things which you can only expect to be done by faith and healthy people.

A good example can be Hamis Lagonda from Tanzania, who can write, who cultivate fish and do other many physical activities without arms.

Eric from Burundi, who can play football while he doesn’t have legs.

I kid you not.

These people might be disabled, but their abilities are far superior even to the normal people who are not disabled.

Eric, she was shocked to see how his son doesn’t have arms and thus fell into coma.

She was yet to realize that a disabled child can be as productive as a healthy one.

When I get pregnant with Eric, I could sense that he had some problems.

He was not active, as other children are when they are still in the home.

I reached out to my doctor and taught him the issue, but he reassured me, saying that the child is God and that I should not worry about anything.

When I delivered him, he was born without arms.

I was deeply shocked because it was the first time for me to see that kind of scenario.

I fell into coma, but when I woke up again, I realized that I was not dreaming, as my child has no arms.

It’s a reality I struggle to accept.

It will take a long time for Bayata to fully accept the reality of her child, as she always thought that somehow for her son would be able to develop his arms.

Foreign, foreign, wanted their child to be baptized.

This is the first time Berta came to realize that she had wished but for her son and decided to repent.

I want to repent and ask God to forgive me because of my words.

I repented for my backwards and thoughts I had when I delivered my child.

I also had some thoughts that it would have been better if we had died after we delivered him.

I also wish that his pregnancy should not have been successful, but I would then remember that some of the women whom we were pregnant at the same time.

So maybe God had a good plan for my child.

But then again, when I saw other healthy kids walking around, I would again wish to have miscarriage in the first place.

Even when I went to vaccinate him at the hospital, I would be afraid to pull him out of my path.

I was always assistant- and didn’t wish other mothers to say foreign- by the priest who informed her that her child, no matter his condition, was a gift from God and that she was supposed to accept him as he was.

Such counseling helped Beata to fall in love with his son again and to quench some negativity, which was mostly projected by some of her neighbors.

Um, foreign have to be available for her son.

Chad initially thought that her son had no abilities to do anything on his own, and all that changed.

When her son started to do certain things on his own, including feeding himself, dressing himself in other minor tasks.

I thought that I would be the one who could take care of him.

All the time I thought that, outfit him and do everything that was necessary for his survive.

What pain made the most was my admission to wish my son died before me, but after seeing him able to eat porridge and feed himself, I was surprised he would break woods and dress himself.

That’s when I started to treat him like any other kid around here.

Erica told himself most of the most he knew.

For instance, he learned how to crawl and how to stand without any help from his parents.

En has played a critical role in terms of motivating his son.

He did so by using afromax English videos, which showcased the strength of disabled people who divide us and achieved what seemed impossible.

He always shot his son- the video of Hamisi Lugonda, who can cultivate, write and eat using legs, given that he doesn’t have arms.

He also shows him Neon Gabite, Eric, who is willing to compete in the Olympics despite lacking legs.

All this encouraged his son to believe in himself, as he saw that there are other disabled people who are able to do various activities.

Thank you.

When we received our son, it was very hard for us to accept the fact that he was born without arms.

We’re worried about his future, but your videos on Youtube converted me.

I saw a man who could do almost everything without arms and another one who dreams to compete in the Olympics while he doesn’t have lights.

All of that encourages me and my son that our future will be much brighter.

Despite his efforts to improve the life of his son, Damasen is struggling to cope with expenses that come with the condition of his son.

Eric attends a designated school for disabled children far away from their home, but unfolding his school fees is very difficult.

Together with his wife, they wish to find support so that their son could keep up with his education, which they believe is the only ticket to a bright future foreign that we would like to find support for his education so that he can study in the same condition with other students with his disability.

We want him to get a better education in order to increase his chance of a good life in the future.

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