thang.Burma, the Adventurous Cat, Embarks on Explorations with a Heart of Gold

thang.Burma, the Adventurous Cat, Embarks on Explorations with a Heart of Gold

At times, the feline that holds a special place in our hearts comes into our lives unexpectedly. Stephen’s beloved cat, Burma, is an excellent example of this. Burma, a distinguished brown and white tuxedo cat, possesses a remarkable quality. Not only does he love exploring the outdoors, but he also has an uncanny ability to sense his owner’s needs and provide comfort whenever required.
It is amazing how cats we rescue can end up rescuing us in return. When I contacted Burma’s owner to feature him on our website, he was happy to oblige. Perhaps you’re already familiar with Monk and Bean, Burma’s feline siblings from different mothers.
Without further ado, let me introduce you to Burma, who also goes by the name Burma AdventureCat on Instagram.

Can you share the story of how Burma became a part of your life?
Back in spring 2013, I was living in my Jeep with my furry friend Puppi in Grants Pass, Oregon. One day, while we were sitting outside a grocery store having lunch, a homeless girl approached us with a carrier full of kittens she wanted to give away. I couldn’t resist asking to hold one and as soon as I held the little brown kitten, whom I later named Burma, I knew I had to keep him. It was love at first sight!
What inspired the name Burma?
Since Burma’s unique brown color made me think he might have some Burmese heritage, my mother came up with the name Burma when I told her about him over the phone. The name was perfect and just stuck!

Burma the AdventureCat

Burma the AdventureCat

When did you realize that your cat was meant to be an adventure cat? Well, when I first got him, my pup and I were constantly exploring the mountains and living away from civilization. Since this was the life we had to offer him, he simply adapted and began to do everything we did while being with us all the time. He had been born and spent his first 8 weeks in the cold and damp hills outside of town during late winter. Therefore, he had never experienced living indoors and was naturally accustomed to being outside in the cold. Life in our Jeep wasn’t much of a change for him. We were always on the go, visiting different places and often in extreme environments. This became the lifestyle he knew and loved, and I believe he was meant to be with us. Being an adventure cat wasn’t just a pastime, it was his life for the first three years. Join our club to gain insider access to new articles, reviews, feline facts, and more.

Monk and Bean

What is his relationship like with his fellow feline housemates, Monk and Bean?
He has a great rapport with not only Monk and Bean, but also with the rest of my cats back in Virginia. Despite his tough exterior, he’s quite adaptable and generally affectionate towards others. 🙂
Two closely-bonded black cats are in urgent need of a forever home after spending an arduous six years in a shelter.

Do you know what makes Burma so special? Well, let me tell you – he has been a true blessing to both Puppi and me during some of the toughest times in our lives. I am grateful to Stephen, Burma’s cat dad, for allowing me to share his story and adorable pictures with the readers of Cattitude Daily. While I mourn the loss of Puppi, who passed away last year due to lymphoma, I am left with fond memories of the bond that he and Burma shared. You can catch more of Burma’s exciting adventures on Instagram by checking out Burma AdventureCat.

The pictures featured in this article are credited to burmaadventurecat on Instagram.

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