The fishermen were stunned by the enormous “banana-like gold” fish caught from the lake /b

The fishermen were stunned by the enormous “banana-like gold” fish caught from the lake /b

American fisherman Martin Glatz was the one who caught this special catfish – not only its weight but also its color surprised him.

The Wels catfish lives in many rivers and lakes in Europe, and adults can grow up to 2.7 meters long.

But this was the first time Glatz had seen a fish with such a bright, iridescent yellow color.

Daily Star said that this giant catfish actually suffers from a rare genetic disorder called leukoplakia. This disease causes the catfish’s skin pigmentation to change from the usual dark gray color to bright yellow.

In fact, being yellow like a banana peel will be a disadvantage for this fish against predators or its ability to hunt. But the miracle is that it still survives and is so big.

“I’ve never seen a fish like that in my life. I’m still stunned,” Glatz said.

Leukorrhea causes loss of pigmentation in the skin and feathers, and has been reported in birds, mammals and reptiles. There have been a number of confirmed cases of yellow-feathered penguins and white orcas with this genetic disorder.

Unlike albinism, leukoplakia does not affect the eyes.

In the end, Glatz and his twin decided to release this special fish after taking a commemorative photo. He said the fish could still get bigger.

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