tt."Enchanted Hues: Stray Feline Artist Paints a Vibrant Canvas with Passion"

tt.”Enchanted Hues: Stray Feline Artist Paints a Vibrant Canvas with Passion”

A green-colored stray cat has caused quite a stir in a resort town along the Black Sea. Despite its attempts to blend into the background, the cat’s emerald fur has caught the attention of locals in Varna, Bulgaria, who originally thought it was the victim of a cruel prank. Outraged, they created a Facebook group to call for punishment against whoever committed this heinous act. However, it turns out that the cat’s green tint is due to its habit of sleeping on a pile of synthetic green paint in an abandoned garage.

Green with envy: The sight of this stray roaming the backstreets in Varna, Bulgaria has caused uproar

The appearance of this stray dog wandering around the narrow alleys of Varna in Bulgaria has caused quite a commotion, leaving many people feeling envious.

Feline jealous? A video has appeared on which shows the emerald-green feline playing with a ginger cat

Have you seen the video of a green cat playing with a ginger feline? It’s been circulating on YouTube and apparently, the stray green kitty has been getting even greener each day. While Varna, the location where this was filmed, is a popular tourist spot in Bulgaria, the RSPCA has spoken out against dyeing or painting animals for cosmetic purposes due to the potential harm it could cause to their health.

Eye-catching: Locals in the Black Sea resort town assumed the cat was the victim of a prank by vandals

Attention-grabbing: The residents of the resort town located on the Black Sea assumed that the cat was subjected to a practical joke by some mischievous individuals.

But it has been revealed that the cat usually sleeps on an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint

According to reports, the feline typically dozes off on a pile of unused artificial green paint.

This has been backed up by reports which say the stray cat becomes more green each day

According to recent reports, the color of the stray cat is gradually turning green with each passing day.

Blending in: Varna is a popular tourist destination as it is the largest seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Merging in: Varna is a well-liked spot for vacationers as it boasts the biggest beachside retreat on the Bulgarian Black Sea shoreline.

Locals set up a Facebook group called 'Punishment to the the perpetrator of this criminal act'

A group on Facebook was created by the residents titled ‘Justice against the offender of this unlawful act’.

They were calling for vandals to be taken to court and punished for the act of animal cruelty 

The individuals were advocating for legal action and accountability against those responsible for vandalizing and harming animals.

The RSPCA has warned that dyeing or painting animals for cosmetic reasons could have 'potentially fatal consequences'

The RSPCA has cautioned that applying dye or paint on animals solely for cosmetic purposes could result in harming them fatally.

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