tt.Meet Yoda, the Extraordinary Cat with Four Ears!

tt.Meet Yoda, the Extraordinary Cat with Four Ears!

Cat in Turkey with two sets of ears : r/awwYoda the four-eared cat

Yoda, the adorable two-year-old feline, has a unique feature that sets him apart from other cats – he was born with four ears. His exceptional trait makes him an instant conversation starter for cat lovers. Yoda’s extra set of ears doesn’t affect his hearing ability, but it certainly adds to his charm.

Valerie Rock and Yoda the four-eared cat

Valerie Rock came across Yoda while he was being passed around a bar in Chicago and decided to take him home as her own.


The feline’s moniker is inspired by the revered figure from the Star Wars franchise, Yoda, who is known for his sagacity and insight.

Star Wars cat: Meet Yoda, the moggy with the four-ce | US news | The GuardianMeet Midas, the Four-Eared Cat Who Can Out of All of Them

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