tt."Sensation with Whiskers: Internet Frenzy Peaks as Four-Eared Cat Captivates Viewers in a Viral Phenomenon."

tt.”Sensation with Whiskers: Internet Frenzy Peaks as Four-Eared Cat Captivates Viewers in a Viral Phenomenon.”

Midas, a four-month-old Russian Blue cat, has become an internet sensation after her owner Canis from Turkey created an Instagram account for her. What makes Midas stand out is her genetic mutation which resulted in an extra pair of ears. She now has almost 20,000 followers on Instagram and enjoys spending time playing with her Labrador brother and sister Zeyno (14) and Suzy (12). Despite her unique features, Midas is just like any other kitten who loves to cuddle and play.

Midas, a cute little four-month-old kitten, has a unique genetic mutation that made her stand out from the other furry creatures of her kind. Interestingly, Midas was born with an extra set of ears on top of her normal ones, making her look even more adorable. However, only one pair of her ears function normally. (Image: midas_x24/Instagram)

In just three weeks, the adorable feline has captured the hearts of countless social media users and gained a following of almost 20,000 on Instagram.

Midas, a resident of Turkey, enjoys spending quality time snuggling with his two Labrador sisters Zeyno and Suzy. His owner describes him as a playful and amiable pup who spends his days sleeping and nights wide awake. The adorable trio can often be seen bonding together on Midas’s Instagram page (@midas_x24).

The Russian Blue cat enjoys both playing with her toys and taking peaceful naps in her comfy bed. She has easily adapted to her new surroundings and has found a special spot to rest on her owner Canis’s shoulder or chest, which happens to be one of her favorite spots. (Picture: midas_x24/Instagram)

Out of the seven owners, Canis and her partner who reside in Turkey, decided to adopt Midas. This cute furry friend has a unique mark on her belly in the shape of a heart. (Image: midas_x24/Instagram)

Midas and her six littermates were born in a garden belonging to one of Canis’ friends. Their mother, a stray cat, was the one who gave birth to them. Canis decided to adopt Midas and take her home with him.

The kitten named Canis has been cleared by a veterinarian as having perfect hearing, despite having some unusual additional features. These features might make the kitten look peculiar, but they do not affect its hearing ability.

The feline named Canis has been deemed to have flawless hearing by a veterinarian, despite the presence of some unusual additional attributes. These features give the adorable kitten a unique and distinctive appearance.

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